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IDEP (also know as IDEP.NET or IDEP/CN8) is the state-of-the-art data entry package, used by over 10000 enterprises in 2 European countries to enter, validate and submit their monthly INTRASTAT declaration to the national statistical offices.

IDEP is the Intrastat software application of choice. Suitable for any provider of statistical information (PSI), from small to large. Third party declarants (TPD) such as fiduciaries, shipping companies, customs services companies are using IDEP to declare for their clients.

Installation and automatic upgerades via the Web (though installation from separate media remains possible).

One of it's key-features is that IDEP/CN8 is easy to install and run for a small declarant with only a few declaration-lines per month as well as for large enterprises where hundreds of thousands of declaration lines per month must be imported, checked, corrected and sent-in.

Data that can be manually entered or imported (in many formats) is validated against official European and National rules. The CN8 part of the package allows browsing through a vast database called the Combined Nomenclature. Index and Search functions ensure that the user will find the required 8-digit CN8 code for any product that he can trade (from cucumbers to nuclear power plants).

Package is parameterized to fit specific national legislation (the INTRASTAT legistation of 15 member states is present in the business layer code)

Declarations are sent in EDIFACT or XML via e-mail, ftp or diskette (the XML-message created in IDEP became a European Standard).

IDEP is a multi-lingual package supporting all official European languages including Greek.

Until 2006 the package was developed in Visual Basic and C++. The 2007 release has been re-implemented using the .NET framework. It uses state-of-the art techniques for installation and internet features.

The design allows the presentation layer to be replaced by ASP.NET/ AJAX forms, thus transforming an off-line package into a web-form. Since 2009 4 EU-memberstates, have chosen this path and they now use the IDEP.WEB application (also developed and maintained by Revolux).

Software Specification and Development, Help-Desk Support, Software Maintenance.

IDEP/CN8 was developed by Revolux for EUROSTAT, The Statistical Office of the European Communities and exists since 1992.

Some Figures

There is a lot of source code
Total size of over 25Mb in over 500 separate files
With more than 125.000 lines of code

In more detail

20 Microsoft .NET projects
3 Microsoft Visual C++ V5 projects
7 Microsoft Excel 2000 spreadsheets
35 Microsoft Word 2000 documents
12 Microsoft Access 2000 databases
108 Windows installer files
1,7 Hectoliters of coffee …

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