Revolux is a medium-size software-house. We provide services to Administrations and Industry. Specializations are turn-key IT projects, project management, co-ordination of external experts, liaison with suppliers and communication with National Administrations in- and outside the European Union. (More)


Our Mission:

We provide our customers with a broad range of IT-services with Excellent 'Value for Money' . We deliver On-time, always!

Especially our ability to combine the high requirements of Industrial Automation (like performance and ultimate reliability) with the complexity of database technology and the knowledge of mass distribution makes us an excellent partner for all your IT-projects.


Revolux' staff has decades of experience in a wide range of services. As a result we have the ability to keep looking at 'the big picture' even when the actual assignment involves only a sub-sytem, which is often vital for the successful completion of that assignment.


Our knowledge and experience with Encryption techniques and digital signatures keeps your systems safe and secure.