Maintenance and Support

Here you will find information about the latest activities of Revolux plus updates of various products. If your are a staff member from a CNA (or interested in IDEP/CN8 related matters), please bookmark this page.

Please note that the access to most of what is presented here is restricted. Some parts however can also be viewed or downloaded by an anonymous user.

If you have problems, questions, remarks or suggestions, do not hesitate to get in touch with the  IDEP/CN8 Maintenance and Support Team

Restricted access

Many IDEP/CN8 related files are available for download. Please visit the  download page.

For a detailed  description of which changes are made for what release, please consult the release overview pages (which enters the hotline).

For sending us data that doesn't fit into an e-mail (e.g. a PSI-package or conversion directory) you can use the documents area where you can upload files.

If you would like to report a problem, by E-mail, please attach the log files that are generated by the applications. The log-files can be found in the Log subdirectory of your installation/s; this holds for MsTool, Login and IDEP/CN8.