Over the course of many years, we at Revolux have developped numerous products. Three of our flagships are IDEP/CN8, IDEP.WEB and ALICE.


IDEP/CN8 is a state-of-the-art data entry package, used by over 10000 enterprises in 2 European countries to enter, validate and submit their monthly INTRASTAT declaration to the national statistical offices. IDEP is the solution for both a small declarant and a large enterprise. One of the key features of IDEP is that allows the import of data from any administrative system (in almost any format), validate it and forward it to the national statistical office in the format that they except.
In most IDEP using countries IDEP/CN8 has been replaced by IDEP.WEB which shares the same business layer. IDEP/CN8 runs on all modern Windows platforms (from windows XP to Windows 10).


IDEP.WEB is the web application based on IDEP/CN8's business layer. It is currently used in Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. IDEP.WEB allows users to make declarations for Intrastat, Prodcom, Balance of Payment, VIES and many other statistical surveys.


Alice is a modern replacement for the outdated Disk/Fax system used by STATEC. It became operation in 1997 and was in 2010 again redesigned into a .NET and SQL server based solution. Alice is a combination of a windows forms based application plus an ASP.NET browser-app.